Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Airtel Starwars

With my team mate,Varsha

With the b'day gal,Richu.

During the dance sessions.


outside the rehearsal place.


Ghost Particle said...

Hello Neha! Thanx for the comments n dropping by. :)

SUNIL NAIR said...

the difference between a female lead singer and a terrorist?

I can negotiate with a terrorist :P

Neha Nair said...

can u be a lil more precise?

SUNIL NAIR said...

sweet heart neha,Initially your comment got me head spinning in a way it hasnt ever before ;)))))))))))))) but on re-reading it....everything made sense and actually it made a lot of wonderful common sense!! :)

No hassles about being carried away ;))))) I like it if women get carried away by whatever I do :)))))))))))))))

Neha Nair said...

Sunil: Too bad , I never get flattered or carried away unless and until music or food plays a role in it :)

SUNIL NAIR said...

Awww lady, you got me floored there :)))))))))))))))
Well if you take a roll - then I would be present and you shall 'see' ;))))))))))))

Howz your musique practice going on?

Do you actually like having me around the place? Aint I a bit messy and irritating? (Your answer should go like this: No Daa, you are the sweetest person around :)))))))))))

Jeevan said...

Some cool shots neha :)